Thanks to Bartercard, a telecoms company in Glasgow barter traded with a heating company from Paisley exchanging office VoiP telephone equipment and software for a new boiler, some radiators and some pipe. Great Deal! Thank you Bartercard and Thank you Paisley Boiler Installations. (New Boiler, Boiler Installations, Central Heating, Boiler Replacements)

Its not very often we get to use our Bartercard but we always ask other businesses if they would be interested in some kind of barter or part exchange….. In this case our heating for the office had been on the blink for months and with winter rolling in I didn’t fancy cold showers after cycling to work! (OK. So I don’t cycle every day …. :P) But at least on the odd occasion that I do a warm shower would be nice. Not to mention washing plates with cold water just doesn’t work.

Anyway, I digress. Our latest barter purchase, was with a local heating company introduced to us through a mutual friend. James from Paisley Boiler Installations was our man. Turns out the boiler was kaput, we had a leaking radiator pipe under the floor and all of our radiators had cold patches. Within a week the work was scheduled and everything was installed in just 1 day which I thought was amazing. To try to save the radiators they did something called a powerflush but the radiators weren’t playing ball so they got changed out as well.

So, new boiler, new piping, new radiators and a thermostat all came in way under what we thought at £3,383 and we barter exchanged a VoiP phone for the office, a program for integrating their phones with VoiP and enough minutes to last a couple of years. Our building is a beautiful old tenement in central Glasgow and normally we wouldn’t have been able to change out the electric heating for gas without a polava with planning permission and permission from the majority of owners in the building…… But luckily our neighbor had a gas pipe ending just where we needed it and with a little paperwork Paisley Boiler Installations had it sorted within a few days of us first speaking with them. These buildings are lovely to look at and impressive to sit in with their 12 ft ceilings but believe you me they are cold when the boiler doesn’t work.

Any one else reading this will be interested to know that we usually offer what we consider to be the best VoiP office solution X Blue:
XBlue Phone System

This VoiP system cuts lag with it s patented technology and unless you are using a dial up modem will [provide crystal clear international calls at a fraction of the normal cost. We can supply similar systems scaled to fit any size of office. We also specialise in call center technology and welcome any enquirers worldwide. We promise our quotations will be very competitive no matter where you are. We will upgrade your router and install the X Blue phone box which manages all of the calls. We can then connect as many phones and computers as you want to use either internet or VoiP services. This goes from a simple reception through to a full on 200 person call center.

An in exchange we received a top of the range Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30i Boiler:

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30i Boiler

In the big scheme of things and compared to normal day to day business this is a very small deal numerically. But for myself it is an important one when the Bartercard system, something we ethically believe is great for society, is used in day to day operations. We are told that the boiler should be good for up to 20 years with yearly maintenance and that with our 10 year warranty we are set for as long as we are likely to be in the building.