How can VoIP be beneficial for a business?

Many still don’t understand how VoIP works nowadays. VoIP simply means – Voice Over Internet Protocol, it is a method used for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over the internet. For it to be used in a business, there is normally a VoIP provider that establishes the call. Many small businesses have already been using this like the Emergency Plumbing Company in Glasgow – which all services involved an Emergency Plumber. The owner said it has positively helped their business get more customers – it increased both residential and commercial inquiries for them. They even got good feedback and reviews from their customers since they acted fast and were able to provide good service without hassle through the help of VoIP.

The VoIP system does not only offer voicemail, call waiting, toll free numbers, call forwarding, and remote operation but it has a lot of features beneficial to small businesses.

CALL SCREENING – This is a feature that allows you to check the phone number in the caller ID and choose how to respond to it. If it is non-work related, you can forward it to your personal phone. Moreover, if it is work-related then you can get an idea which department it should go.

CALL CONFERENCE – This is a very helpful feature especially if you conduct a lot of meetings and conferences in your company. It is actually very timely now in this pandemic where work has switched to remote so all meetings are online.

DATA USAGE AND REPORTS – This enables the company to track and record call history, including rate centers, duration, originator, destination, and cost. All inbound and outbound calls will be monitored.

COACHING ELEMENTS – With this feature, the company will be able to monitor and train employees. Quality Assurance Specialists, Supervisors and Managers can barge in and listen to calls being handled by the Customer Service Agents and they can immediately provide feedback and tips or even additional information.

AUTO ATTENDANT – This is the feature that allows customers to interact with a menu first so that they get to choose the area where their concerns are related.

VOICEMAIL TO EMAIL TRANSCRIPTION – VoIP also has the ability to accept voicemail and transcribe it to be sent as an email to the appropriate section or department. This would also allow the company to organize the voicemails coming in according to preference.

HOLD MUSIC – This is the most exciting and creative part where in customers get to hear music while waiting on the queue. It can be annoying to some customers but ideally it is a way of distracting them so that they won’t think that they’re waiting too long already.

THE DND FEATURE – This allows you to temporarily stop incoming calls at your preferred duration especially when having important meetings and online conferences.

Aside from all these good features, the VoIP system is very affordable and long distance rates are lower compared to the usual. It also makes the company and people more flexible and employees are able to act fast so this would mean more productivity, more work accomplished and more sales in return. It is always great to explore and invest on something that will increase over-all functionality of the company so if you’re a small business and you wanted to grow, try out VoIP!