How can VoIP be beneficial for a business?

Many still don’t understand how VoIP works nowadays. VoIP simply means – Voice Over Internet Protocol, it is a method used for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over the internet. For it to be used in a business, there is normally a VoIP provider that establishes the call. Many small businesses have already been using this like the Emergency Plumbing Company in Glasgow – which all services involved an Emergency Plumber.

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How to Exchange a New Boiler with Bartercard!

Thanks to Bartercard, a telecoms company in Glasgow barter traded with a heating company from Paisley exchanging office VoiP telephone equipment and software for a new boiler, some radiators and some pipe. Great Deal! Thank you Bartercard and Thank you Paisley Boiler Installations. (New Boiler, Boiler Installations, Central Heating, Boiler Replacements)

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Proud to have great clients in India

SIP Trunk Providers in India that we are proud to work with:
AltiTelecomunications SIP Truncking
– Altitelecomunications is a VoiP provision company that also provides SIP trunking for hotels, call centers and businesses. Obelisk Voip based predictive dialling systems help operate either a PBX or a virtual call center. Coverage over 60 countries and VoiP rates below 1 cent per min to UK and Canada.
– Altopus TelNet. A virtual call center provider accross India covering 17 call centers and providing over 315,000 minutes per week.
– PutterGee. Residential and Business VoiP service provider through its own proprietary software.
– Jangleberry Telecoms. The leading SIP provider in Bombay
– TandoorTeleservices.A one stop shop for all VoiP requirements from minute provision to number rental to software and hardware requirements for any size of call center.


Hello Dear Clients. If you are on this website it is because you have been referred by one of our partners or associates. You will have been given a coupon code to redeem with a significant reduction in the price of bulk purchases over 10000 minutes of VoiP exchange minutes. This discount will be subject to the terms and conditions of your purchase contract and minutes do not role over from month to month.
We are connected to most major number wholesalers worldwide but you should always check with us and request the current contract and terms and conditions before entering into any 3rd party agreements. Please keep you coupon codes safe as they are only valid once and they are registered for a single specific client.
Telecom Express got its name because of the speed of the networks we prefer to work with. Not all VoiP is built the same!
We are sure that once you’ve started working with us you will be back again soon. We look forward to working with you.
Best Regards
George R Winsworth